MEGA OBBY: School Escape

MEGA OBBY: School Escape

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MEGA OBBY: School Escape
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MEGA OBBY: School Escape Overview


MEGA OBBY: School Escape is the latest only up parkour game online from our website from the Roblox Games category, so expect to find a colorful and really interesting world to adventure in, which you do in a first-person view, unlike many other games in the genre, and with the added incentive that you have to help Obby, the character you become, escape from school, which he hates, and for that you will have quite the big test ahead of you!

Help Mega Obby escape school!

Use WASD to move, and space to jump, for the controls. Climb up the colorful platforms, making sure to avoid falling into the pits or holes, or falling off course from the sides, since you are in the sky, and falling out in the open means you lose.

Instead, keep running and jumping up until you reach the finish line at the end, marked by black and white squares. You should be fast, but more careful, and remember to collect all the keys along the course.

Why? Well, each key that you collect represents a checkpoint, meaning that if you fall and die, you can restart from that point, so you don't have to make the same distance as before.

Of course, there are eighteen levels, and each of them has a more difficult parkour course than the last, so we hope that your skills increase along the way as the difficulty of the escape challenge also does the same. Good luck, and make sure to tell friends to check this game out too!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the spacebar.

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