Only Up Parkour 2

Only Up Parkour 2

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Only Up Parkour 2
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Only Up Parkour 2 Overview


Only Up Parkour 2 is here after the great success of the first game in the series, the original which we already have, as well as its many spin-offs that you've definitely seen on our website many times before, with our team always bringing about only the best that this genre has to offer, as you will notice right now, with our team teaching you what and how to do it right now, in case you're a new player to this kind of game!

Play Only Up Parkour 2 online free and unblocked!

Control your avatar in 3rd person using the WASD keys for movement, space for jumping, and look around with the mouse. Start on the ground, and jump on a house, and then from platform and item to the next one, as they only go up and up.

There will be items of different sizes and shapes for you to make your climb on, so be careful how you jump, because falling down does not mean death, but it means you have to start all over again from the bottom.

The higher you reach, the more points you get, so try to outdo yourself each time, and maybe share with us in the comments your score, and see what other people have achieved!

We highly recommend you look around and be careful how hard you push the spacebar when jumping from platform to platform, so you don't go further or too close, and those who are slower but more careful will become parkour masters reaching heights like never before!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, and the mouse.

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