Only Up 3D Parkour: Go Ascend

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What is Only Up 3D Parkour: Go Ascend?

Only Up 3D Parkour: Go Ascend

Only Up 3D Parkour Games are more popular than ever, and we're glad that we can now give you the 'Go Ascend' version to play on our website since it is one of those with the highest quality we've had so far, which is why we are positive you are going to be immersed into the world right away, and have tons of fun with it as only here is possible!

Go Ascend with Only Up 3D Parkour online!

With the WASD keys, you move your character, and with the spacebar, you jump and grab onto platforms, having boxes, cranes, and even trucks and other items to climb on, as your goal is to reach as high into the sky as possible, but when you fall, you go back to the last saved point, or, even worse, to the bottom.

The more you ascend, the more difficult the sky course becomes, but also more fun to go through it, so we invite you to start right now, only here, after which our team invites you to check out even more of our daily content, you are not going to want to miss out on it for anything in the world!

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How to play?

Use WASD and space.

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