Obby Blox Parkour

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What is Obby Blox Parkour?

Obby Blox Parkour

Obby Blox Parkour, as the name probably already suggests to you all, is a parkour game made to be as similar as possible to similar Roblox Games you might have seen on that platform, with this new fan-made one being of a high-quality top to bottom, and you can also play it on mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

Let's do Obby Blox Parkour online!

In each stage, reach the flag at the end of the course in the sky, jumping from one platform to another without falling from the sky in the air, because when that happens you lose and have to start again from scratch.

Each new course will get more difficult than the one before it as you go from stage to stage, and there is no doubt at all in our minds that you are going to become better the more that you keep playing this game! Enjoy, stick around, and maybe share this game with as many of your friends as possible too!

How to play?

Use w,a,s,d and spacebar.


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