Playground - Parkour

Playground - Parkour

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Playground - Parkour
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Playground - Parkour Overview


A playground game online featuring parkour elements and gameplay is what we're extraordinarily delighted to showcase to you all on our website right now free of charge, since we know how both these formats are among the most popular ones for our players in recent times, so together they will make an even bigger splash, and for that reason we will now get into explaining it to you right now!

Let's do some Playground Parkour online!

If you choose to play in the regular Parkour Mode, you will have to jump over all the obstacles in the courses to reach the finish line, being able to customize your ragdoll stickman avatar before starting, and then hit the running buttons to run, and click the jumping one to jump when necessary.

If you're playing in the Killer Mode, in addition to the obstacles we're also adding red ragdolls as your enemies, so when you run and jump, do it as an attack on them, defeating all of them before you reach the finish line.

Try completing all the levels to both modes, and even make your own, adding items and enemies as you wish, and changing the designs of the playground ragdolls using the coins you earn to buy new gear for them. Begin right now, and enjoy this game to its fullest!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Customize your own parkour levels in the playground sandbox.
  • Use the green ragdolls to defeat the red ragdolls in the killer mode by jumping on them.
  • Try unlocking all the customizations and items in the shop.

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