2 Player Parkour

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What is 2 Player Parkour?

2 Player Parkour

2 Player Parkour combines racing games with running and jumping games in 3D, the world of anime, and makes everything, even more, better by the fact that it is a 2P game, meaning that you and another real person will be able to compete against one another and that always elevates the experience of an online game, no doubt!

Let's enjoy 2 Player Parkour online!

There will be an anime girl and an anime boy as avatars for the two players to embody, and in a 3D world in the sky, made out of colorful blocks, you have to jump from one of them to another and reach the end of the course, with the first player to do so becoming the winner. Be careful not to fall between them and into the sky, you will lose.

One player uses WASD and space to move and jump, while the other one uses the ARROWS and shifts for the same thing. The screen will be split into two, so focus on your part to get ahead.

We wish you all the best, both of you, as we don't really care who wins, as long as both of you have tons of fun together as only here is possible, inviting you to try even more of our games in two players, we've got the best of them!

How to play?

P1: WASD, space.

P2: ARROWS, shift.

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