Nooby And Obby 2 - Player

Nooby And Obby 2 - Player

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Nooby And Obby 2 - Player
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Nooby And Obby 2 - Player Overview


Nooby And Obby are now here in a 2 - Player parkour racing game in 3D with a hypercasual style, a game inspired by the world of Roblox Games, as you can see from the category it is being held in, where right now we're totally positive you are going to have a blast, as it is guaranteed with games for two players!

Try our new 2 - Player game with Nooby and Obby!

To control Nooby, use WASD to move and space to jump, and to control Obby, use the ARROWS to move, and P to jump. They're simple controls, and the screen will be split into two, but you will be racing on the same course.

Go around the maps jumping above the pits, but also avoiding or jumping over the red spots, and other kinds of obstacles and traps you might encounter, and the first one that crosses the finish line or reaches the flag, wins.

It's a simple game, and when you're done with it, there are so many other two player games online you can find and play here, which we totally recommend you to do!

How to play?

P1: WASD, space.


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