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Jetpack Obby

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Jetpack Obby
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Jetpack Obby Overview


Become a Jetpack Obby online, as right now on our website you get to have incredible amounts of fun with the newest amazing addition we've prepared for our category of Roblox Games online, where you will now be playing one of the best flying games online in 3D here, a hypercasual experience where you get to assume control of a jetpack, which is a cool device that uses pressure to help one single person fly into the air, something we're now teaching you how to do as well!

Fly with Jetpack Obby online!

Move using the WASD keys, look around using the mouse, and jump by pressing the spacebar, which you also hold if you wish to start flying. If you have stairs, you go up and down on them using the W and S keys.

You will be racing against another character who is way ahead of you in the first race since you are only starting to get the hang of it.

As you fly, you need to go from one checkpoint to another, which are represented by red flags, which become green once you cross them, which means that if you fall to your death, you get to return to that specific point to continue your flight.

Keep flying forward, and you will notice that the distance between the platforms that are safe gets bigger and bigger, and you need to pay attention to your fuel meter more. If you run out of fuel, you fall down, as you can no longer do propulsion.

In the air, you will find gold coins, and they come at various heights, sometimes going up, sometimes down, so you need to fly and then release appropriately to catch them and get a big score from them, and use them in the main shop as well, where you can change your Obby skin to look different, you can buy better jetpacks that fly higher, and add improvements upon them with power-ups.

Power-ups for speed, more fuel, magnets that can help you attract the gold towards you, and others will also be found at various checkpoints, so make sure to collect them and improve upon your performance.

The red platforms and blocks are going to be trapped, and deadly, so avoid touching them even slightly, because if it happens, you die. There are also stairs that appear mid-air, which you should grab onto and climb up or go down on them, allowing your fuel meter to recharge.

It goes without saying, but the obstacle course you're flying in gets more difficult as you proceed, so your skills should also improve, so that you can become the ultimate Obby with a jetpack online!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid red obstacles, as they kill you if they're touched!
  • Watch the fuel meter, since running out of it makes you drop from the sky!
  • Collect power-ups for the jetpack to fly higher and farther!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, space, and the mouse.

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