Return Man 2 Zombies

Return Man 2 Zombies

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Return Man 2 Zombies
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Return Man 2 Zombies Overview


If you liked the original Return Man 2 game, one classic in the world of American Football Games online, then you will love a brand new spin-off of it that makes things way more interesting and dangerous, since every mistake could lead to your death, considering the players on the field are undead monsters!

Play Return Man 2 online, now with Zombies!

Your goal is to run to the yellow circle in time to catch the ball, as you make it past the zombie defenders to help your teammates get to the end zone. If you don't make it there, you will lose possession of the ball. Avoid puddles as much as you can, since they slow you down, allowing zombies to catch up to you.

Use I, K, J, L to run forward, backward, left and right. If you unlock the special moves, here is how you can use them:

  • A for Football Club
  • S for Zombie Twist
  • D for Afterburner

The game has a total of ten stages, one more difficult than the other one, but more fun at the same time, so we wish you simply the best and hope to see you around for more awesomeness coming for you very soon!

How to play?

Use I, J, K, L, and A, S, D.

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