Hello Kitty City Adventure

Hello Kitty City Adventure

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Hello Kitty City Adventure
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Hello Kitty City Adventure Overview


Hello Kitty City Adventure is one of the best new platform running and jumping adventure games with this Japanese toy that everyone around the world loves very much, which is why we could not miss the chance to share it with you right now, and since we've already played it, we can now share with you what and how to do it, so you can give the game your best!

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Use the arrow keys to move and jump with Hello Kitty, and reach the house at the end of each level, if you want to get a big score, you should collect all the ice cream that you find. If you find enemies, avoid bumping into them so as not to lose your lives, since losing all five lives means losing the game.

Instead, jump on top of their heads to eliminate them, and earn even more extra points. Other dangers you should avoid are the spikes, and the holes, and more of them will appear on each level, as the courses get more dangerous as you get closer to the city. We wish you the best and endless fun, and hopefully, you will check out more of our games with Hello Kitty!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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