Hello Kitty Pinball

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What is Hello Kitty Pinball?

Hello Kitty Pinball

The surprises keep on coming on our website, and we don't play on stopping with them anytime soon, with our administrative team now having offered for you all the game called Hello Kitty Pinball, which is the first virtual pinball machine with Hello Kitty that you can play with on our website, so you're about to have a fresh experience we are sure you will enjoy a great deal!

Play pinball with Hellow Kitty and have fun!

The game works a bit different from most pinball games online you are used to, which is the reason why right now we will dedicate a bit of time to explain what you have to do.

Well, you will use the mouse to draw back and then release the item at the bottom of the pinball machine, in order to hit the balls and make them move through the map.

There, the more things they hit, the more points you get, and then they return back, where you will be able to shoot them again. Keep shooting the balls to get more points.

You are playing against time, which means that you should focus in order to get a score as big as possible before the timer reaches 0, simple as that! Good luck!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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