Sonic Revert

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What is Sonic Revert?

Sonic Revert
Sonic Revert is a game in which you will have to help the famous blue hedgehog, Sonic, in his new adventure. The game is different from everything you have played so far because the arrows and control of the character are the other way around, and when you manage to collect certain points from the game you will be able to control it normally.

The next thing you need to know is that the game can be played in two ways: RACE ONLINE or TIME ATTACK. In the online race version, you will have to look for opponents to be able to participate in races with Sonic, and in the time attack version, you will have to travel with Sonic on an island full of obstacles, spears, monsters, and bonus points that you have to gather them. At the bottom, you will always have an indicator that will tell you how fast you move, how fast you move, so that you can reach the maximum speed of Sonic.

The Sonic Revert game manages to combine Sonic R, Trackmania, and even Mario Kart into one game that we hope you enjoy.

How to play?

use the arrows to move.

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