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Beggar Clicker

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Beggar Clicker
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Beggar Clicker Overview


Beggar Clicker is yet another idle clicking game online that is all about patience, since that is what you need to make money, in addition to skills with the mouse like clicking, but also buying and selling upgrades, all elements of this amazing new hypercasual addition we know you will love, as many games in this genre have been fan-favorites of our visitors. Let's see how you can do it all, shall we?

Start as a beggar and end up a millionaire with this new clicker game!

Starting off you are on the streets, in some really rugged clothes, and to make money, simply keep clicking or tapping on the screen, doing so to keep earning money, so the faster you are, the better.

Use the money you earn to buy the level upgrade first, which means that for each new click that you make you earn more gold coins, starting off with ten per click. In a similar way use the 'speed up' upgrade, which means that you get more money in an idle way with time, and that process will run faster and smoother.

As you make some dough, start investing, since investments make you money when you're not begging. Hire new workers to beg on the street for example, get real estate as you buy buildings, invest in business from which you get profit shares, or buy artwork for investment opportunities as they appreciate in value over time.

You can even own a city or buy the whole planet once you've made so much money, but it will take time. The potions shop also gives you some magical power-ups to attract more people to make more money, and as you progress in your value, use the money to buy new clothes for your beggar avatar, which in turn, as you will see, will help you gain even more cash.

enlightenedPRO TIP: if you come back to play the game each day, your progress is saved, but most importantly, you recevive daily rewards automatiaclly!

Turn from rags to riches in a game of patience, clicking, and business decision-making, after which we've got many more games in this area we hope to see you check out!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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