Digital Circus: Clicker

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Digital Circus: Clicker
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What is Digital Circus: Clicker?

Digital Circus: Clicker

A Digital Circus: Clicker game online was bound to appear in this category sooner than later since the format is popular, and so is this show we are in, where you can now try unlocking all of its characters, such as Pomni, Jax, Caine, and others, using the power and perseverance of making clicks. Are you ready? Let's explain, in case you're newcomer, so you can start the fun at once!

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Keep clicking on the first character, and then use the money you earn for clicks to buy more click power, which means you get more money for each new click you make, or buy a whole new character to click on, which also increases your earnings. Upgrade both of these whenever you can, as often.

Your goal is to try and see if you can get the full sum of money that fills up the progress bar at the top while getting all the upgrades and unlocking all your favorite characters from this world! What are you waiting for? With these kinds of games, the sooner you begin, the faster you're done, so hit play now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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