Room Clicker

Room Clicker

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Room Clicker
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Room Clicker Overview


Room Clicker is one of the best new idle clicking games online on our website, which we invite you to play both on computers or mobile devices since we believe you can have a really awesome time in either case, and you will see that you've never played games quite like this one in the genre before, so here is yet another reason to give it a chance!

Have fun with our Room Clicker!

Click wherever you want in the room to generate cash, starting off with 1 per click, but then you upgrade the things in the room such as the computer, desk, furniture, windows, music, and others, which stand on the left and right sides of the screen, and as you level them up, you will gain more money per click.

You will even generate money when you are doing nothing. As you upgrade the things in the room, they will also get more expensive for the next levels, so always click, generate money, and reinvest to earn even more so. You can play however long you want, so try to see how much you can test the limits of this game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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