Marathon Race 3D

Marathon Race 3D

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Marathon Race 3D
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Marathon Race 3D Overview


It's not a sprint, it's a Marathon Race 3D online that we invite you to take part in on our website right now and here, with one of the best hypercasual 3d racing and running games online we've had in a while because it is both realistic in terms of how real-life marathons work, but also has gaming elements to make it extraordinary, the perfect combination you need right now to have the best time possible on our website!

Can you win the Marathon Race 3D online?

In the marathon, you can also walk, not only run, but when you click/tap on the screen your runner will sprint forward, something that lasts until you lose energy from the bar on the left side of the screen, also known as stamina. With the coins you earn, buy upgrades for your racer.

The first one is income, which means you earn more coins for all the clicks and sprints you make. The second is speed, to go faster whenever you are clicking, which means you get to advance a bigger distance than other runners, who are your competition.

Finally, we've got stamina, which means you can endure clicking more, which is the most expensive upgrade, and that's precisely because it is the most important one.

Sometimes you reach distances where bags await you, so open them up in the inventory, revealing runner clothing, and if you've got two identical ones, you can merge them together to upgrade the gear in technicals and lookswise, which you then place on the runner to change them.

You start off from the 1000th place in the marathon, and your goal is to overtake as many other runners as possible and finish with a really great number when you cross the finish line. It's about patience, like real-life marathons, but most importantly, dedication, which we are sure we will see from all our players right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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