Plug Run Race

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What is Plug Run Race?

Plug Run Race

Plug Run Race is a brand new racing game online in 3D that manages to reinvent the wheel with a really interesting new format that we are sure you will love a bunch, just like we did, since never before you have had the chance to control an electrical plug that races another one. It's a high concept that is surely going to be found entertaining, so let's teach you its gameplay right now!

Run like lightning to win the plug race!

When you tap or hold the mouse you are going to advance face-forward with your plug, when not, you stop. Alternate between running and stopping so that you avoid obstacles and traps on the road, of which there will be plenty, but use sockets and other things that help you advance to your advantage.

The first plug to reach and cross the finish line wins and gets points in return, so we hope that you will focus and give your best so that one will be you. Good luck, we wish you tons of fun, and invite you to stick around for more fun to come here, we never miss!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.