The Battle of the Belch

The Battle of the Belch

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The Battle of the Belch
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The Battle of the Belch Overview


The Battle of the Belch is a new Shrek Game online, which we know are always fan-favorites that you won't risk the chance not to play, just like we hope it will be the case right now with this clicker and skill game online, where you have a contest of burping with the two ogres, Shrek and Fionna!

Who will win the Battle of the Belch?

Keep clicking on the character of your choice, out of the two protagonists we've just mentioned, so that they burp a lot, and loud, and they will then receive notes from Donkey and Puss in Boots. Then, it's the computer's turn with the other character, so raise that Burp-O-Meter as much as you can if you want to be victorious!

It's as simple and straightforward as that, so tons of fun is to be had, which is why we hope you are starting this game right away, after which we're hoping to see you play more great games with Shrek, or with other animated characters you love from our website, as we've got them all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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