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What are Shrek Games?

Once every few years comes to an animated motion picture that blows it out of the water and manages to make a lasting impression for generations to come, becoming real classics of the genre, with or without sequels, and one of them came in 2001, when DreamWorks Pictures released Shrek, which was loosely inspired by the fairy tale of the same name and was a comedy and parody movie meant to make fun of other fairy tale adaptations, such as the ones you see in many Disney movies.

The movie was a big hit, paved the way for many other computer-animated movies to be released after it, and it spawned a huge franchise currently comprised out of four main films, a spin-off one, multiple shorts, and specials, as well as a television series. If you’re here, you probably already know and love this ogre and his many friends and foes alike, but let’s dive deeper into the lore right now, so that playing Shrek Games online for free on our website comes easier for non-fans as well!

Shrek: The Whole Story

The first movie introduces the title character, a green ogre who lives by himself in a swamp, and he is mad that he is disturbed by various fairy tale creatures sent there by the evil Lord Farquaad. To face him he is joined by his new friend, a talking Donkey, and during their travels, they rescue Princess Fiona from a Dragon who turns out to be a female and falls in love with Donkey. Shrek and Fionna also fall in love, eventually stopping the marriage between her and the Lord, with her also turning into an ogre because she was cursed. The two marry, have a karaoke party with their friends, and then set off on their honeymoon!

In Shrek 2 we are introduced to a new antagonist, Prince Charming,  whose mother is Fairy Godmother. He attempts to break up our favorite ogre couple, with the two becoming human in the process. In the travels of the heroes, we are introduced to Puss in Boots, their new sidekick who is a sword-wielding cat, and together they get Fionna and Shrek back in love, and once again in their ogre forms.

Shrek the Third is the film that grapples with Fionna and Shrek becoming parents, something our favorite ogre is quite scared about, but during his travels to find Artie (King Arthur), and Merlin, he finds the confidence he needs, and at the end of the film we see the couple taking care of their newborn ogre triplets.

We then have the fourth installment, Shrek Forever After, where the ogre is going through a midlife crisis, so because of his desire to be young again and Rumpelstiltskin’s manipulation and magic, he ends up in an alternate reality. Through many adventures, he comes back to his reality, where he realizes that he always had what he always wanted and needed!

Puss in Boots (2011) was the first and so far, only spin-off movie from the franchise, which sort of acts like a prequel to the character before his introduction in the second movie. It sees his adventures with the Kitty Softpaws and Humpty Dumpty, his allies, who go up against Jack and Jill, who in this game are evil outlaws that have some magical beans that lead to a legendary fortune, so our swordsman tomcat wants to get his hands on them, of course! A sequel called Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022) will see him on an adventure to exotic lands to find the Last Wish, which will grant him back the nine lives that he has lost.

Let’s play games with Shrek and his friends right now!

With a series that has now spanned decades, you can imagine that there have been plenty of games to have appeared over the years featuring this cast of characters, and now you can find the best of them here, where you get to dress them up, go surfing, play action-adventure games with running, jumping, and collecting gold, solve puzzles, become a dentist for the ogres, help them cook their favorite meals, or solve puzzles depicting famous scenes from the whole franchise.

No matter what Shrek Games for children you choose to try out here, we’re positive you will really love them from start to finish, and you can bet that when new ones appear, we’re the first ones to share them with you!