Toca Boca: Friendly Room

Toca Boca: Friendly Room

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Toca Boca: Friendly Room
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Toca Boca: Friendly Room Overview


Toca Boca: Friendly Room is the latest decoration game for girls and boys, and all kids, for that matter, that this open world you already know and love here has to give you, which we are positive will result in one of the best new experiences you get to have today on our website, and we will teach you just how simple it is right now, so you can experience it yourselves! Oh, and it's also a clicker game!

Make a Toca Boca Friendly Room online!

The friendly room will be in front of you, and you click or tap on it to make emojis appear, but those also represent points, points you get which are counted on the top of the screen, which you then use on the left side to unlock and add characters into the room until it has been filled with all the Toca Boca friends.

Try to unlock all the friends, with each new one that you unlock allowing you to earn more points per click, but they also get more expensive progressively. It's as simple as that, so now that you know everything, feel free to start the game, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

The speed of your clicks in the Toca Boca Friendly room will determine how fast you unlock all the characters and bring the friends together, but it's also about patience, as it can take you a while to get them all, but it is really satisfying once you do!

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