My Mini Zoo

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What is My Mini Zoo?

My Mini Zoo

My Mini Zoo is a hypercasual idle game in 3D with building elements and a format of business management, one that we already know is quite popular from the so many similar games like it that we have had on our website in the past, which is why we could not have missed the chance of sharing a new one with you right now, even more so as you get to work with animals, whom everyone loves!

Can you build the best Mini Zoo online?

Use the mouse to move the stickman who represents your avatar and the manager of the zoo, going to the spots with money and grab them, using them to build stables and habitats for the animals in your compound, as you need to have everything from lions, zebras, cows, to birds, snakes, and the like.

The bigger the biodiversity in your zoo, the more people will come by. After stickmen visit your animals, they leave money at the front desk, which you should then collect. Build fridges from where you can get food for the animals, and make sure to keep them fed because if not, they don't come out.

Not only can you upgrade the zoo and make it bigger, but with the money, you earn you also have the chance to buy new skins for your avatars. Good luck, enjoy, and make sure that you tell your many friends about our awesome games too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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