Zoo Island

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What is Zoo Island?

Zoo Island

Do you think you have what it takes to build and manage a Zoo Island? Well, we hope that at least online you have the courage to attempt it since that is what we invite you to do in one of our best new business management games online with a hypercasual style, a 3D environment, and a fresh premise that you are bound to enjoy start to finish, just like we have had!

Build the biggest and best Zoo Island online!

Use the mouse or the WASD/ARROWS to move around, go on the island to put animals in habitats, have people visit them, and get money in return for the tickets they have paid. With the money you earn you should make more animal shelters, and add different kinds of animals, from tigers, bears, and monkeys, to snakes, fish, sharks, birds, and more!

The more biodiversity on your island, the more visitors will come around, and the more money you are going to earn. Build even more facilities and buildings around the island as well, and hire new helpers when it gets too much for you. Choose between the male or female avatar you want to use, and then start running the zoo to the best of your abilities, having an experience like nowhere else!


NoBrain Studio

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How to play?

Use WASD or the mouse.