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ZooCraft Overview


ZooCraft, as the title suggests, is a zoo building and managing games online, but one that is set in the blocky world, with blocky animals, and blocky caretakers, which is the role you play, as we are sure that you will put in a lot of effort to properly attend to the animals while increasing your revenue streams and having a growing number of visitors!

Let's build an awesome ZooCraft online!

Use WASD to move around the maps, starting off by going to the village, where we invite you to go around the animals and stay near them to tame them, put them into the barns, and collect as many as possible to bring back to your zoo, where you will build enclosures for them that replicate their homes.

Catch dogs, pigs, cows, and much more, and depending on where you go, there are other animals to catch. Bears from the forests, lions from the jungle, and fish from the sea. The more you grow and expand the animals you have, the more money you earn.

You also have lives, which you can lose if you try taming animals that you are not prepared for, so start small and then develop further. Upgrade the zoo with all sorts of facilities and entertainment stations, and we are sure that in no time at all your zoo will be top-notch!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys.

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