Zoo Pong

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What is Zoo Pong?

Zoo Pong

You can really never go wrong by playing ping-pong games online, since this is one of the world's most popular sports out there, and it is equally popular when you do it virtually, especially if you get to play ping-pong with animals, which is the opportunity granted to you right now and here with the game called Zoo Pong.

How to play ping pong with animals online:

Well, the first thing you need to learn is the control, which is very easy to understand both if you play the game on a computer or on a mobile phone or device. If you're playing mobile, slide with your finger to move, and if you are on PC you will use the arrow keys for moving, simple as that!

Move so that you always hit the balls and send them back over to the opponent's side, and if they can't send it back, you win a point. They will try to do the same thing to you, so be careful! Each of you has three lives, and the first player to lose all three lives loses, and the other one wins, and we hope you're the latter!

Of course, the awesome and fresh thing about this game is that the character you control is an animal, and the more matches you win, the more animals you get to unlock. Let the fun begin, and don't forget to show this game to friends as well!

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How to play?

Use the arrows.