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Ping Pong

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Ping Pong
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One of the best Ping Pong games online has now been added for each and every one of you to our website for free, where you can bet you are now going to have quite an awesome experience, just like it had been the case for us, and if you only like sports games in general, this table one is also certainly going to be to your liking, so make sure not to miss it for anything in the world!

Play Ping Pong online like never before!

With the mouse, you control the red paddle and have to hit the ball and get it over to the other side of the table, over the net, and if it hits it and then goes out, you score a point. It also happens if it hits the table twice. The first player to get 11 points becomes the winner of the match.

It's that simple, so choose the national team you want to represent, and then go around the world and win all ten matches against a new national team to become the winner of the tournament. Now that you've surely understood what to do, begin right now, and stick around for more of this fun to come, as there's more right around the corner!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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