Plankton Pong

Plankton Pong

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Plankton Pong
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Plankton Pong Overview


You will never go wrong with the new SpongeBob Games online of our website since we make sure to curate this page and offer you only the best of the best when it comes to it, and this is certainly going to be the case right now with our team has shared with you a sports game called Plankton Pong, where you will play ping pong with this lovable villain of the show.

Plankton vs Karen: A Ping-Pong Showdown

Karen is the robot girlfriend of Plankton, and one of their favorite pastimes is to play ping pong with each other, and you are lucky enough to join them in the fun right now and here.

You will control Plankton using the mouse, moving up and down in order to intercept the energy ball, which you will then hit with the shield you are holding over the opposite side of the field.

When Karen can't send it back, you score points, so try to be the first one to reach eleven points and win the match. Good luck, enjoy this game like none others here before it, and don't stop here, since this day has plenty more new gams in store for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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