Merge Cakes

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Merge Cakes
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What is Merge Cakes?

Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes is here to satisfy your hunger for more merging games online, which have become more and more popular in the realm of puzzle games online ever since the creation and release of 2048, no doubt about it, with the developers getting way more creative, as we now can merge many more things than just numbers, as it is the case right now with cakes!

Merge Cakes online and have fun!

Click on the cover button below when it is available to drop more cakes on the table, which has six spots and then take two cakes of the same kind to merge them into a new recipe, using the mouse or finger to move them around the table.

The more cakes you merge with one another, the more you earn from their recipes, as you gain points in an idle manner when they are sitting around on the table.

Collect as many coins as possible, do it fast, and fill up the progress bar at the top to finish the level and advance to the next one, where you will have to work harder to finish.

We wish you good luck and all the best, inviting you to tell your friends about our amazing games as well, they won't regret coming over for anything in the world, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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