Python Snake Simulator

Python Snake Simulator

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Python Snake Simulator
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Python Snake Simulator Overview


Python Snake Simulator is one of the most interesting snake games online in 3D from our website, as it simulates an experience where you get to become this reptile that has no feet but can slither through all sorts of spaces, and, even better, being a python, is bigger and deadlier than most other snakes, something you will become here as well, and we will teach you all about it, worry not!

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As a python, you have gotten trapped inside of a mine where people are working to extract gold and other minerals and stones, but that's not what this game is about, mining, but escaping this place, so you are going on an adventure, roaming around the mine to find the finish line where you can get out.

Use WASD to move, get your head up with the spacebar, E to toggle the head up, and when you want to attack, click. What can you attack? Bunnies, for example, are natural food for snakes, so biting and eating them up as food to survive is very important, as even snakes can die from hunger.

There will be tons of obstacles, and hurdles in your path, such as stairs, platforms, and rooms you cannot get into, but find your way through empty spaces, little holes, tunnels, or windows, so that you can escape and be free, while you should avoid humans, since they will try to hunt you if they catch sight of you.

It's a fun adventure like none others before it, since when do you really get to become a snake? Try it right now, and check out more animal simulator games 3D from our website, where you can become other beasts of nature!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, E/Shift, and the mouse.

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