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TOYS Rumble
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TOYS Rumble Overview


TOYS Rumble is a new hypercasual strategy and action game online with fights, fights between monsters, as the title suggests, but where you need to primarily use your brain to make good merging between units, utilize their powers and power-ups to the best of their abilities, and always upgrade! All these and more in this endless fighting game you can play on both computers and mobile devices, and we will now teach you how it works!

Rumble it with the Toys to win the war!

Before each round, use the gold coins at your disposal to add new units into the brackets of your military zone, and if you have two identical ones, you drag them onto one another to merge them together and create a new unit, which will be leveled up.

Use all the money you have before each fight, which starts when you hit the 'fight' button. The fight goes by itself forward, but you can influence it by using the power-ups and special abilities from the button below, but only for a limited time.

If you win by defeating the opposing toy army, you get more coins, which you use in adding more units, and start new fights, until you finish each stage. Of course, the boss levels await at the end of a stage.

Soldiers, dragons, chickens, samurai, minotaurs, and even mechas will appear in this game, as you should try to see if you can unlock all of the units from this game and use them in battle.

We hope you're ready to rumble, and when you're done, you will check out some similar games to keep the fun going, or you will be missing out on a ton of it, believe us when we say so!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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