TOYS: Crash Arena

TOYS: Crash Arena

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TOYS: Crash Arena
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TOYS: Crash Arena Overview


TOYS: Crash Arena takes what you know and love from the similar game with CATS, only this time you are invited to build, race, and fight with brick-made toy cars, which means that you're going to have a unique experience, which we are always recommending to all of our visitors, and you need not worry, as we've already entered the arena ourselves, so we will teach you how to build the best toys for fighting online, and, of course, winning with them!

Make TOYS and fight with them in the Crash Arena!

In the main menu, you tap to go to the edit menu, where you get to build your toy car through blocks that combine, and the parts are separated into two types, the common ones, and the uncommon ones, and you will see that they are placed in brackets in the garage menu, which means that you can arrange them in various ways.

Of course, if you want to be moving well, make sure that the wheels are at the bottom, and the weapon such as the spike is upfront to hit your foes head-on, although you can place more of them as you earn them from your fights, even putting up defenses, or surround yourselves with weapons all-over!

After making your customizations, you enter the arena and fight another toy car made by the computer this time, and the fights are being done on autopilot, meaning that you don't need to do the actual fighting. In these games, it is your engineering, design, and strategy abilities that earn you your victories.

While you might win the first fight with ease, in the second one you get beaten, encouraging you to use the consolation prize to make more upgrades to your toy car. Open the reward chests on the left side of the screen to see what pieces they give you, and you get daily prizes if you come back to play on the regular.

Let's start the toy fighting simulations, use your brain to power up them to victory, and check out more amazing action games we bring you here since they are always winners, just like you will be!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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