Vehicle Crash Test

Vehicle Crash Test

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Vehicle Crash Test
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Vehicle Crash Test Overview


Vehicle Crash Test is yet another car simulator game online in 3D where you are invited to crash cars, since that is how we can determine if they are safe enough for the roads, and this game challenges you to become creative with how you ruin the vehicles, so that you can have tons of fun, both on computers and mobile devices!

Let's do the best Vehicle Crash Test online!

Use WASD to drive, space for handbrake, F2 for car recovery, N to change to the next car, R to upend the car, and L-Shift for acceleration. There are four levels you can make your crash test in:

  • Town
  • Long Rocks
  • Funny Descent
  • King of the Hill

In the location you have picked, there will be all sorts of structures through which if you drive will crash, hit, damage, and wreck your car up, so you have to go through them, use them to cause as much damage as possible, and then change to another car, for which you will attempt the same thing!

Keep at it for as much as you want, since you run the simulation and the virtual crash tests, so enjoy this experience however much you want! Try more car crashing games 3D on our website after, we've got plenty more!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys, space, N, F2, Shift, R.

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