Monster Egg Brawl

Monster Egg Brawl

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Monster Egg Brawl
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Monster Egg Brawl Overview


Monster Egg Brawl is a hypercasual action game in 3D with monsters in the shape of eggs, and just like with regular eggs, something bigger can come out of them, as this is a game about fighting, merging, and leveling up to dominate each map you are on, something we will now give you insight on how to do, as we've already played the game!

Let's win the Monster Egg Brawl online!

With the mouse or touch controls you move your monster egg around the map, hold and release to attack another egg, and make sure to target those of your same level to take them out, merge with them, and level up to get stronger, with the final egg monster that remains winning the level, so we hope it is you.

You can also become stronger by collecting the stars on the map, but other power-ups, weapons, or upgrades you might find. If a bigger monster egg takes you down, you are going to be the one that loses instead and has to restart.

In the main menu, you can use the coins you earn from finishing levels to merge monster eggs and become stronger, as well as equip them with new skins and items.

Start right now, and see how far you can reach in this new world of monsters, who are quite charming, and not scary!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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