Merge Round Racers

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What is Merge Round Racers?

Merge Round Racers

Merge Round Racers is here to show you that merging games online works even with cars and driving, which is a combination you don't really see here every day, so we really wanted to share this game with you all right now, after having had plenty of fun with it ourselves!

Merge Round Racers free: merge and drive!

With the mouse, you will interact with the screen before you, buying cars and taking two of the same kind, merging them together, and creating one that is of a bigger level, and more expensive.

When you do this, the first model of the car always gets more expensive than previously. To earn money without doing anything, take the leveled-up car and put it on the track, letting it drive the rounds.

As it finishes laps, you earn more money in return, which in the meantime you should use for buying new cars and merging them with one another, going up level after level.

This way, the game can go endlessly, as long as you are careful not to run out of moves and cars. You can place multiple cars on the tracks to earn even more money for the laps they finish.

You will also randomly receive gift boxes with basic cars in them. It's that simple, so now that you've understood, begin right away, only here, and make sure to tell your friends about our games as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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