Christmas Merge 2048

Christmas Merge 2048

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Christmas Merge 2048
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Christmas Merge 2048 Overview


Christmas Merge 2048 is an original game inspired by multiple other merging puzzle games online, matching games, and, of course, the winter holiday we all know and love, as well as the latest trending game on the internet, Suika, where we've replaced fruits with mistletoe, candy, cakes, globes, presents, and more, which we will now introduce you to, in case you're new to this format!

Let's have fun with the best Christmas Merge 2048 game online on the internet!

At the top of the screen, you've got Santa Claus, who you move around simply by clicking or tapping in which direction you want to drop the items mentioned earlier, as you should focus on dropping two identical items on top of one another, or next to one another.

When they touch and merge, they form a different item, bigger, and of a greater level. The goal is to keep merging as many items as possible to get a bit of score in return, while being careful not to run out of space and moves to make, in which case you need to start again from scratch.

From the bottom of the screen, you can buy upgrades with your points:

  • the magnet force that brings items together and links them
  • the chance to pick presents
  • the pop button, which pops an item and removes it, giving you more space

Now that you've certainly learned the rules of play, you should be ready to do it and have an amazing time, with our team inviting you to stick around all day to keep the fun going!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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