Cookie Crush Christmas 2

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What is Cookie Crush Christmas 2?

Cookie Crush Christmas 2

A Cookie Crush game with match 3 elements for Christmas is one of the best gifts that we have the pleasure of sharing with all of you on our website right now, where our team has already had plenty of fun with the game ourselves, so you are bound to have the same awesome experience, guaranteed, otherwise we would not be sharing it with you in the first place!

Play Cookie Crush Christmas 2 online right now, it's free and fun!

Level after level you will have targets of cookies that you need to focus on eliminating, something for which you use the match 3 technique, in which you swap adjacent items between one another, and when you can form a line of three or more identical items, horizontal or vertical, they get eliminated.

The number of moves you can use per level is limited, so focus on your requirements and achieve them before you run out of them. The faster you finish a level, the more stars you get from it as well, as you can get from one to three.

Surely you've understood all this and are ready to give the game your best, something we hope you start right away, after which even more great games are coming over for you, guaranteed!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.