Toybox Christmas Puzzle

06.12.2022 560 3 votes

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What is Toybox Christmas Puzzle?

Toybox Christmas Puzzle

The Toybox Christmas Puzzle is going to be one of the most fun puzzles you get to solve during these Winter holidays, and it's not even just one, but multiple of them, one more fun than the other, meant to increase your logical thinking, your sense of place, sorting abilities, and give you all these skills while having a blast!

Try the Toybox Christmas Puzzle online right now!

There will be squares arranged in various shapes, and they get more complicated one level after another, with your goal being to take the Christmas-specific items such as stockings, mistletoe, bells, cookies, and others, placing them in the empty brackets in such a way that all of them get filled.

Only when that is achieved will you have cleared the stage, and while the next one gets more complicated, we're sure that with enough focus you will do great nonetheless and finish all that this game has to offer!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.