Christmas Cat

Christmas Cat

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Christmas Cat
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Christmas Cat Overview


Christmas Cat is a point-and-click hidden objects game set on everyone's favorite holiday, where the Cat only wants to come out if she hears the sound of 20 bells, well, 20 balls in red, which you need to discover through the house to make it come out and celebrate together, something we will now show you just how easy can be done!

Find the 20 bells and bring out the Christmas Cat online! Where is cat?

With the mouse you interact with furniture such as closets, and cupboards, you move gifts around, open doors and close them, and use the arrows on the right and left to move from one room to another. Sometimes you will have to push things, rotate them, and move them around so that you reveal where one of the balls has been hidden.

Only when done with all 20 balls will you get the Christmas Cat to come out, and we're sure that you will be able to do it, as our players always pay great attention to all details!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

Leave no corner of the house unturned, as this game is a point-and-clicker, which means that the more you interact with your surroundings, the more clues you get, and you will get closer inch by inch in finding the hidden objects, and revealing the cat's hideout, which is how we searched for it.

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Bart Bonte

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