Om Nom Connect Christmas

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What is Om Nom Connect Christmas?

Om Nom Connect Christmas

Om Nom Connect Christmas is the perfect holiday game, as it combines puzzle games with the classic cut the rope character that was popularized by the series, but now with a winter cheer spin, meaning that through this game you can spend these special days challenging yourself but also relaxing at the same time!

Help Om Nom have the perfect Christmas by connecting him with his gifts!

Use the mouse to find pairs of at least two or more identical characters or items, and as long as they are next to one another, you can use the mouse to draw lines between them and connect them, which eliminates them and gives you points in return.

Before the time granted for the level runs out, try connecting a big number of items to get a big score in return, and if you get enough of them, you are able to advance to the next one.

You also have a shuffle button that can help you when no more moves can be made, as well as one to find the pairs for you, but try using these helpers only when absolutely necessary, since they come in a limited number.

Let the fun begin right now, and don't stop here, since it would be a shame for you not to keep playing our amazing content, especially for the holidays!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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