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What are Santa Claus Games?

If there is one time of the year that kids are most excited about it is definitely that of the winter holidays, and this is true no matter what part of the world you are in, a cold or hot one, as Christmas is quite universal, and a special day enjoyed heavily by all the members of a family, no matter their age!

While the holiday was first a pagan one centered around the Winter solstice, Christians adopted that time of the year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, after whom the religion and this celebration are named, of course. While the holiday might have religious roots, today it has become one also enjoyed by non-believers, especially through the new character that represents it: Santa Claus!

Santa: Origins

For starters, you should know that depending on the culture and country you are in, this character can have various names, such as:

There is a reason he has so many names, mainly that the character is an amalgamation of various religious and legendary figures. Saint Nicholas, of course, is a figurehead of Christianity, Father Christmas represents this holiday in English folklore, and Dutch influence is also present through the figure of Sinterklaas, a patron saint of children.

Be good all year, and Santa will reward you!

This magical man looks like an elderly gentleman who has the traits of a lovely grandpa, who wears a red and white suit complete with a hat, and one of his most defining features is that he has a really big white beard, and can be heard shouting "ho ho ho".

Some say that he lives in Finland, some say that he lives at the North Pole, but it is definitely somewhere freezing. He lives together with Mrs. Claus, and together they run a factory together with elves, where they make toys all year long.

Good kids receive presents from Santa underneath the Christmas tree in the morning of the day, and this is because he traveled all night long with his sleigh pulled by magical reindeers, getting to each home to deliver presents to good kids. Bad kids receive coal, and hopefully, they behave better next year!

In many households, it is customary for kids to leave out some cookies and milk for Santa so that before he goes back into the chimney to reach the roof and continue his adventure, he can replenish his stamina and feel appreciated.

Let’s have a playful holiday time with Father Claus!

Over the years we have added all sorts of Santa Games online for kids on our website, all free of charge, many of them mobile-friendly, and all of them being high-quality and diverse, so that everyone can be able to find here what they like!

Make the toys at the factory, help the magical sleigh and fly it all over the world to deliver the gifts, and make sure to play with the reindeers that everyone knows and loves a lot, such as the most iconic one of them, red-nosed Rudolph.

Give Santa a haircut, a shave, or a shower before he starts his international mission of joy, play various running and jumping games where you are in a rush to reach his destinations, or even go fishing, match the items to get points, or even drive cars or paint images of him and his friends.

If one thing is certain, it is that playing games with Santa Claus online will only make your holidays better, give you even more reasons to be cheerful and jolly about, and we highly recommend playing any of them even in the summer or other times of the year, as Christmas should be in your heart all-year-long, just like it is for Saint Nick!