Santa's Christmas Fishing

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What is Santa's Christmas Fishing?

Santa's Christmas Fishing

This year, Santa is going fishing for Christmas, instead of going around the world to deliver presents, as he wants to take a break for himself, and when it comes to relaxing, this is the activity he loves the most, just like many other white-bearded men all over the world, so why not join him in the fun and help him catch as many fish as possible!

Let's do Christmas Fishing with Santa!

Tap on the screen to make the rod descend into the water under the frozen lake, and then swipe left and right to move it and catch fish along the way, getting money for all of them you bring back to the surface.

With the money that you earn you should buy upgrades to make the fishing more lucrative and fun:

  • Bucket Size: allows you to grab more fish
  • Depth: you can descend further down to catch even more and bigger fish
  • Fish Price: the money you get for each caught fish increases

As you can see, this makes the game an idle one combined with mouse skill games, which is quite fun and made even better by the holiday theme it has, so we hope to see you begin playing it right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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