Santa Gift Truck

Santa Gift Truck

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Santa Gift Truck
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Santa Gift Truck Overview


You and Santa Claus can have a great time today here on, because dear children you can see that we have prepared for you a new online Sana Gift Truck game for kids, in which you will driving Santa's gift truck around the world in order for the kids to have thier presents under the Christmas tree.

You and Santa Claus will start this new game by selecting the level that you want to begin, so you have to use your mouse, and the levels will have little Christmas presents icons, and you will have to click the unlocked one in order to start finding your favorite Christmas truck to drive and help Santa Claus deliver the big load of presents from his shop at the North Pole.

Santa Claus has several types of trucks in his garage, but the first truck that he trusts you will drive and not destroy is the green truck. You will see that once you learn how to drive big trucks on snow and ice, you will unlock many other trucks that have different colors and have different Christmas stickers and decorations for you to place and decorate your new trucks. It's gonna be a very interesting truck driving challenge, because each level has a different track.

Your main goal in this new Santa Claus game with cars and trucks will be to help the Christmas spirit stay alive, so you have to be sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to gain points. Your Christmas truck will be filled with presents for all the children around the world, and you will have to get the presents through all the chekpoints and to the finish line in each level in order to gain points. Remember that the truck does not close, and the presents can fall off if you drive to reckless, and that means that you will have to be very careful.

In each level, the tracks that you will be driving on will be a little bit offroad, covered in ice and snow, so your Christmas cars can drift and slip on the ice, so you have to control the cars the best way possible and see how hard it's gonna be to finish this new challenge and see how you will be able to gain points and stay focused helping Santa Claus until Christmas. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the A, S, W, D or ARROW keys to play.

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