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What is Google Santa Tracker?

Google Santa Tracker

The Google Santa Tracker is now available for you free of charge on our website, and we recommend this game no matter the season, since Santa is and always will be beloved by children, and you can never really go wrong by playing with this mythical figure, just like we are going to prove right now with this awesome game!

Try the Google Santa Tracker online for free!

In this game, Santa is at the barbershop, where you're playing the barber role, so you will be able to paint his iconic white beard in colors such as red, green, or blue, and you can even shave it down, make it longer, or blow dry it to give it the shape that you think best suits him.

The game is a creative one where we invite you to experiment with the look of the red-suited man who brings gifts, and we're sure that you will make him look really interesting, and you will have fun with him, as you can do with other games with Santa we've got here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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