Idle Santa Factory

Idle Santa Factory

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Idle Santa Factory
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Idle Santa Factory Overview


Don't be idle when working at the Santa Factory with him, since Christmas is coming up really soon, which means that you will have to help him make all the presents that he gives to toys from all across the world, making sure that they have happy holidays, so for that you need to work at the factory, something we will teach you how right away!

Let's work hard at the Idle Santa Factory online, just in time for Christmas!

With the mouse you are going to move Santa around the factory, buying your first toy stations, moving the toys from the one that generates them, and then taking them to be boxed up, and earn money in return the more gifts that you make.

With them, buy more stations, so that you make more toys, wrap them up faster, and make sure that earn even more money. For that, also make upgrades to the Santa skin that you wear, so that you become better and faster, as you also make sure to hire workers, as the elves will help things move along quicker!

It's as simple as that, so feel free to begin right now, only here, and then tell your friends to come around for even more of the games we bring you here daily!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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