Santa Gifts Rescue

Santa Gifts Rescue

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Santa Gifts Rescue
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Santa Gifts Rescue Overview


Santa needs your help to rescue his gifts, in one of the best new original games online developed and added over by our administrative team, where you are about to have an incredible time for Christmas, before and after the holidays, with this game utilizing the really popular format of puzzle games with pins?

Can you rescue all of Santa's gifts?

To complete each of the levels you need to make it so that all the gifts in the tower are being dropped over Santa Claus, with the gifts being held up by pins that look like Christmas candy. Use the mouse to click on the pin you want to pull, and what it holds will drop, obviously.

Some pins are holding hot lava, and that is really bad, because if it falls on Santa, it kills him, so find a way to never release it, or neutralize it with blue water first, if there are no choices but to pull that pin.

Each level increases in difficulty, but, of course, as you keep playing, you will also get better at solving these puzzles, and surely you will have tons of fun, just like we've had, and we hope that we see you sharing this winter game with your friends as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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