Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

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Xmas Dash
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Xmas Dash Overview


Xmas Dash, if you have not realized from the title already, is a Christmas-themed Geometry Dash game online we are totally excited to share with you right now, since it combines two really popular things from our website, which only become better when together, so if you like this kind of platform, adventure, and reaction time game, you're in for a real treat, during the best holiday of the year!

It's time to start the Xmas Dash online!

The block that you control will be Santa, and when you click or tap on the screen, it jumps. Jumps to go on rectangular platforms, which are safe for you, but avoid any kind of triangles, or other shaped obstacles you encounter along the way because if you bump or hit them, you lose.

Instead, collect the glowing orbs, the stockings, the globes, and other Christmas gifts you can find, getting a big score in return, and know that the bigger distance you advance forward, the better your performance, and you should always strive to reach further deep into the courses than the last times you are playing.

You can take as many attempts as you wish, and we hope you are not giving up at any time! Let's start right now, and make sure you're telling friends to come over for more great games to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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