Sleigh Shot

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What is Sleigh Shot?

Sleigh Shot

It can be Christmas any month you wish if you play games such as Sleigh Shot unblocked on our website, which is a cannon shooting game with a holiday theme unlike any you've played here before, and this is definitely something you should have expected from the Miniclip Games category, it produces only hits!

Let's shoot Santa's Sleigh far and wide into the world!

The chimney will act as a cannon, and you will use the mouse to aim its position towards where you want to shoot, and then click when the meter is as high as possible to get a lot of power. Then, one of the two Santa Claus characters you've chosen at the start of the game will be shot in the air, and hopefully, you beat the distance requirement.

Try beating the distance and score of the AI (computer), having a total of three tries available to do so, and if you focus and give your best, we are sure you will accomplish it. Good luck and the best we wish you all, as always!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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