Scary Santa Claus Horror

Scary Santa Claus Horror

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Scary Santa Claus Horror
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Scary Santa Claus Horror Overview


A Scary Santa Claus Horror game still counts as a holiday game, and since it is the season for Christmas Games, it has been added at the perfect time, and this game is reserved for children and adults who are not easily scared, because this game will do that to you, and you need to prevent it from happening at all costs!

Let's play the Scary Santa Claus Horror game right now, are you up for it?

This Santa Claus you meet here as a child, the role you play, wants to eat your flesh, something you need to prevent from happening, so make sure that you run, hide, and avoid him at all costs, but his minions as well, who are just as evil, because if they catch you and eat you, it is a game lost.

You can play in the Easy, Normal, or Hard levels of difficulty, you know what you can take on, right? Move with WASD, interact with E, crouch with C, run with shift, and use the mouse to look around.

As you move through the abandoned building, not only do you need to not get caught but to make sure you find the ten hidden pictures, the only things that will defeat this holiday demon.

Use various items you find and grab to open these hidden pics, and with the help of candy and surveillance cameras, you can see where the monster is, so you can avoid him! Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use AWSD, E, C, shift, and the mouse.



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