My Dolphin Show Christmas Edition

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What is My Dolphin Show Christmas Edition?

My Dolphin Show Christmas Edition
My Dolphin Show Christmas Edition is a game with trained dolphins who are specially trained by the best dolphin trainers to participate in the most beautiful shows in which dolphins are in the center of attention, and the audience admires the juggling that dolphins with trainers I manage to do them. Certainly, the games in the "My Dolphin Show" series are familiar to you, which is why the new Christmas game will be a new challenge only. As you can see, in the game you will have to pass 18 different levels in which you will have to do all kinds of jumping and juggling with your dolphin.

The first test you will have to pass is the one with the inflatable ball, multicolored, which you will have to touch with the dolphin's snout. As you can see there are two balls, try to jump as well as possible in one jump to manage to touch both. After you manage to finish this test you will have to be scored by the jury that admires the jumps you do. Grades can range from 1, which means the lowest grade, to 10, which means the best grade.

The next test you will have to pass is the one in which your trainer will throw two floating coils on the water, and you will have to pass with the dolphin between the two coils. The first time you will have to go to the bottom of the lake where you train, to pick up your speed, then jump as high as possible so that you get where you need to go.
After each successful jump and test, you will be rewarded with goldfish and bonus points depending on how well you manage to jump.

After you manage to accumulate more points, you will be able to change the color of your dolphin and also buy other animals: a frog, a seal, a dog, a penguin, a sea horse, a piglet, a flamingo, or even an octopus. when you accumulate 2,000,000 points.
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How to play?

use the arrows to move and jump over obstacles.

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