Merge Toilet Skybidi Mod

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What is Merge Toilet Skybidi Mod?

Merge Toilet Skybidi Mod

Merge Toilet Skybidi Mod is the first game of its kind we now wish to share with you in this meme games category you can always count on to bring you awesome new experiences on our website, as it's the case now, where we will now proceed to teach you what to do, so you can begin at once!

Try our Merge Toilet Skybidi Mod online!

Use the mouse to buy units and place them on the battlefield, both Skibidi Toilets or Cameramen, and if you have two identical ones, merge them together to create a soldier that has a bigger level and more strength.

You need to have higher numbers and more power than your opponents to take down the opposing enemies, and through this way advance from one level to another.

They get progressively more difficult, but also more fun, we promise, so start right now, see how far you can reach, and then check out more games from this or any of our other amazing categories!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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