Animals Merge

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What is Animals Merge?

Animals Merge

Animals Merge is a new merging puzzle game online that we knew we had to add here for our many visitors, knowing very well that both the format of merging games and animals are both beloved on our website quite a lot, so adding new content like this is always a good idea, and we are sure that none of you will now miss on this opportunity!

Merge the Animals and get that big score!

Use the mouse to place the animal blocks on the screen, making it in such a way that you get two blocks of the same kind next to each other, so they merge together to form one of the higher levels, and by doing so keep merging them until you hit your targets in each level.

It goes without saying, but the targets only get bigger too, and the placement of the blocks gets more difficult to figure out, as some might already be added on the screen, so make sure to work around them. Use the three power-ups down below free for one time only, so try not to overuse them.

Begin right now, having fun as only here as possible, and make sure to tell your friends to come over as well, they are going to love what they get to find!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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